9. Additional Notes on Catalog Data

Ohara optical glass catalog data in Excel file format can be downloaded from this website. Please use the link on the Optical Catalog webpage.

Notice for Special Order Glasses

The data for Special Order Glasses are from our previous catalog issued in 1990. Some glasses have slightly better coloring than the catalog values thanks to some minor modification of our process. We have not re-measured the internal transmittance of those glass types. Therefore please take the internal transmittance of the Special Order Glasses just as references.

Notice for Refractive Indices

The Refractive Indices in the data were determined by calculation of Dispersion Formula and the 8th decimal numbers on each glass types were omitted. In order to obtain Refractive indices at 5th decimal, please round up the 6th decimal if it is 5 or more and round off if it is 4 or less.

Notice for Thermal Properties

Please note some glass types show no values on Strain Points (Stp), Annealing Point (AP) and Softening Point (SP) due to the difficulties of measurements (Marked “-“).

Optical Glass PDFs