Glass-ceramic substrates enable the production of cutting edge DWDM thin-film filters.   

Ohara’s WMS™-15 glass-ceramic substrates will enable manufacturers to produce leading edge DWDM and thin-film filters. Our WMS™ substrates will facilitate the production of filters with extremely low thermal wavelength drift and low insertion loss values. WMS™-15 has improved internal transmittance and exceptionally low surface roughness values.

Properties of WMS™-15

Specific Gravity2.50
Young’s Modulus (GPa)Vickers Hardness
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)1.9
Heat Resistance (ºC)650
CTE (x10-7/K) -30~+70 ºC114*
Water Resistance RW(p)1
ATotal Alkali Content (Wt %)10.9
Chemical DurabilityExcellent
Int. Transmittance (%) 1550nm 1mm thick99.9
Refractive Index 1550nm (calculated)1.524
  • CTE=114 x10-7/K(-30~70°C): Standard material, Please consult us with higher CTE requirements.
  • All properties are measured at room temperature except for CTE and dn/dt.
  • Refractive Index and dn/dt is calculated value.
  • Properties subject to change along development.
Available Products: Polished Substrate ( 1- 12inch )

Edge Chipping Photo Pictures

The WMS-15 glass ceramic substrates are less prone to edge chipping than amorphous glass substrates.

glass polisg inner page
glass polish image two

WMS™-15 Papers