A lower cost alternative to S-TIH53

A Lower Cost Alternative to S-TIH53

S-TIH57 was developed as a lower cost alternative to S-TIH53, while still maintaining high performance for applications that require a high refractive index. This material has a wide variety of uses in the field of CCTV, FA / Machine Vision, Automotive Cameras, etc.


  • Lower cost alternative to S-TIH53
  • High performance, high refractive index
  • Wide variety of uses


Type Code nc nd nF ng vd s.g. Coloring
S-TIH57 963241 1.95160 1.96300 1.99153 2.01634 24.11 4.20 (450)/375
S-TIH53 847238 1.83649 1.84666 1.87210 1.89419 23.78 3.54 (420)/370
S-TIH57 Glass Properties