Optical glass type S-NBH59: higher refractive index and smaller partial dispersion ratio compared to S-NBH51.

Type Code nc nd nF ng vd s.g. Coloring
S-NBH59 766358 1.76004 1.76634 1.78143 1.79382 35.82 3.47 395/325

An optical glass for polishing lens and effective for secondary chromatic aberration correction.

S-NBH59 is an optical glass for polishing lenses that has a higher refractive index than the S-NBH51 and has a smaller partial dispersion ratio of θg and F.

These features are effective in reducing the thickness of optical lenses and correcting secondary chromatic aberration.

This glass material that can be used in a wide range of applications, such as interchangeable and projector lenses. We propose S-NBH59, which is effective for improving the performance of your products.


  • Comparing with S-NBH51, θg, F is lower side: θg, F = 0.5792
  • The refractive index is higher than S-NBH51: nd = 1.76634
S-NBH59 (New Product)
Classification of environmental measures Environmentally safe
Refractive index nd 1.76634
Abbe number vd 35.82
Δn/ΔT relative D line 40~60℃ 3.9
Partial dispersion ratio θg,F 0.5792
Abnormal dispersibility ⊿θg,F -0.0043
CTE α (10 -7 /℃) -30 ~ +70°C 82
+100 ~ +300°C 103
Transition point Tg (℃) 526
Yield point At (℃) 572
Coloring degree λ 80 395
λ 5 325
Chemical durability RW(P) 1
RA(P) 1
W(S) 3
SR 1.0
PR 1.0
Specific Gravity 3.47
Knoop hardness Hk 610 (6)
Abrasion degree Aa 135
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