Optical glass type S-NBH58: low partial dispersion ratio and ideal for high performance products.

Type Code nc nd nF ng vd s.g. Coloring
S-NBH58 789284 1.78076 1.78880 1.80850 1.82518 28.43 3.33 410/345

S-NBH58 low partial dispersion ratio

S-NBH58 is an optical glass with low partial dispersion ratio θg,F and can be effective for correcting chromatic aberrations when combined with anomalous dispersion glass types with both low refractive indices and low dispersion. S-NBH58 is recommended for polished lens blank applications and can be very effective for use in higher performance products, such as Interchangeable Photographic lenses, Projectors, and various others.


  • Low dispersion ratio
  • Ideal for higher performance products