SK-1310 Fused Silica

Fused Silica with the maximum transmission applicable to UV, visible, and IR areas.

Type Code nc nd nF ng vd s.g. Coloring
SK-1310 459678 1.45657 1.45860 1.46333 1.46689 67.85 2.20 ~180 / ~180

VAD-Process Anhydrous Synthetic Fused Silica

SK-1310 is the anhydrous synthetic fused silica among the SK-1300 series products of VAD-based synthetic fused silica. In addition to the high reliability of heat resistance, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance maintained by SK-1300, photolytic absorption is not generated to the infrared area of 2.73 μm because it doesn’t contain hydrogenous radicals. SK-1310 products are fully renovated materials with the maximum transmission applicable to the entire ultraviolet, visible, and infrared areas. The physical and chemical characteristics are prominent similar to the SK-1300 products in a broad range of applications in advanced technological industries such as semiconductors and optics.