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S-LAH97 is a lower cost alternative to S-YGH51

S-LAH97 was developed as a lower cost alternative to S-YGH51, while still maintaining high performance. This material is ideal for polished lenses and can be used in a wide variety of applications such as Interchangeable lenses for Single-lens reflex cameras, Projectors, etc.


  • Lower cost alternative to S-YGH51
  • Ideal for polished lenses


Type Code nc nd nF ng vd s.g. Coloring
S-LAH97 755523 1.75063 1.75500 1.76506 1.77296 52.32 4.17 355/-
S-YGH51 755523 1.75062 1.75500 1.76505 1.77296 52.32 4.40 370/280