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S-LAH52Q is an optical glass which has extremely large positive dn/dT.

Cars are used in environments where temperatures range from below zero (cold district) to 50 °C or above (inside car in summer). In the optical system of Automotive camera lenses, it's common that the focal length is fixed. Optical design considering refractive index fluctuations due to temperature change is necessary. By using S-LAH52Q among an optical system that includes glass lenses with low dispersion and negative dn/dT, it is expected that refractive index fluctuations can be modified efficiently. In addition, S-LAH52Q can be used for not only Automotive camera lenses but also projectors, photographic interchangeable lenses and various applications.


  • Extremely large positive dn/dT
  • Can be used for automotive camera lenses, projectors and photographic interchangable lenses


Type Code nc nd nF ng vd s.g. Coloring
S-LAH52Q 800422 1.79389 1.79952 1.81282 1.82356 42.24 4.47 390/335
S-LAH52 800422 1.79388 1.79952 1.81281 1.82355 42.2 4.41 40/34