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Environmental Preservation

1 OHARA is proud of its contribution to the advancement of science technologies with global views by combined efforts of developing materials and technologies for the new coming age of protection of the earth's environment.

Environmental policy


Under the internationally accepted philosophy of sustainable development, OHARA recognizes that achieving compatibility between corporate activities and the environment is one of the most critical issues in running a business. The entire Company will continue to refine its environmental management systems so that they comply with international standards, and operate in the areas of light, electronics, the environment and energy, effectively harnessing the technologies we have developed for optical glass, specialty glass, hard disc substrates, and applied products. In this way, we will actively pursue environmental management and contribute to society.



a) We will comply with laws and regulations related to the environment of the countries and local jurisdictions in which we operate, as well as the rules of conduct of industry. At the same time, we will establish independent standards for environmental management and improve the environment.

b) We will reduce waste and encourage reuse, energy conservation and resource conservation.

   1 We will reduce the volume of glass scrap, plastics, refractory bricks, etc. and reuse them where possible.
   2 We will conserve electricity and gas energy and reduce CO2 emissions by improving the air conditioning and lighting systems, production processes and production facilities of our factories.
   3 We will conserve source materials and other natural resources by enhancing the yield ratio in glass manufacturing.

c) We will develop products that benefit the global environment.

d) We will protect the environment from contamination and develop more environmentally friendly products, for instance by finding alternatives to hazardous substances.
We will also follow international rules and regulations, as well as customer requirements that we have accepted, while strengthening systems for controlling the chemical substances contained in our products.

e) We will set environmental objectives and targets, which are to be revised in response to changes in the surrounding conditions, while at the same time continuing to improve environmental management systems.

f) We will implement and maintain environmental policies by operating environmental management systems, and will make them known to all workers in our facilities.
Policies are to be made public.

g) We will seek to work in harmony with regional communities, business partners and related organizations.

March 2,2009
Hirokazu Saito, President

OHARA is qualified for Environment Management System ISO14001

OHARA decided to obtain qualification of "Environment Management System ISO 14001" and started accelerating reduction of wastes, less consumption of energy and natural resources in order to contribute to the improvement of the earth and the native area environments.
We had the final qualification audit in March, 2000 after the pre audit held in January, 2000 and finally obtained the official qualification. All OHARA employees are ready to make further efforts on achieving their objectives for environment.

Environmental and Social Report

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