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Lithium-Ion Conducting Glass-Ceramics (LICGC™)


LICGC™ is a lithium ion conducting glass ceramic that was developed to serve as a true solid state electrolyte or separator in next generation lithium batteries and other electrochemical devices.

The unique properties of LICGC™ make it the enabling component in advanced lithium metal cells.


  • High Lithium Ion Conductivity:
    1 to 4 x 10 -4 S/cm at room temperature. These are some of the highest conductivity values achieved in a solid electrolyte. Lithium ion transport # is 1.

  • Outstanding Chemical Properties:
    LICGC™ has excellent chemical resistance. Water and mild acid have minimal influence on the lithium ion conductivity.

  • Excellent Physical and Mechanical Properties
    Stable in air & water
    True solid electrolyte
    Safe, prevents dendrite penetration
    Supplied as electrolyte / membrane in various sizes

    Lithium Ion Conductivity:
    1 x 10 -4 S/cm at 25°C for LICGC™ (AG-01) Membranes

Arrhenius plot of LICGC™ (AG-01 Membranes)

Material Profiles:

There are currently 2 types of LICGC™membranes:

  • AG-01 melted & polished plates

    Conductivity : 1 x 10-4 S/cm at 25 °C
    Excellent seawater stability (>2 years)

  • LICGC™ formed plates

    Conductivity : 2.5 to 4 x 10-4 S/cm at 25 °C
    Scalable in terms of size & quantity


Main crystalline phase:


(Li replaceable NASICON type)

Properties forLICGC™(AG-01) Membranes:

Ionic Conductivity 1.0×10-4 S/cm(at R.T.)
RW(P)JOGIS 1 Water resistance
RW(A)JOGIS 1 Acid resistance
(These are excellent values)
Bending Strength (4 points) 140N/mm2
Knoop Hardness Hk 590
Specific Gravity 3.05
Coefficient Thermal Expansion 10-7/K
30~350℃ 94
350~600℃ 82

※Above-mentioned properties are reference values and are not guaranteed.
Properties are subject to change as products are further developed


LICGC™ is stable in water and air

LICGC™ is non-flammable

Standard Membrane Sizes:

1 IN SQ x 150 um thick
2 IN Dia. x 250 um thick
Custom sizes produced upon request

Membrane Sizes In Development:

Up to ~6 IN Diameter
Down to ~30 um thickness

2 IN Dia. LICGC™ (AG-01 Membrane)

Further information on LICGC™ can be obtained by clicking on the orange link below and downloading the pdf file. Ohara presented this information at the "Beyond Lithium Ion Conference" at ORNL on October 8, 2010. (click here)

Ohara would like to acknowledge and thank PolyPlus Battery Company for their development and continued advancement of lithium metal batteries.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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